Sardinian farmers

Thanks to a group of Sardinian farmers joining forces, Fattorie di Sardegna has been producing milk for generations. Unrivalled milk by scent, naturalness and quality; thanks to experience, tradition, and to the air and pastures of Sardinia. This milk is the basis for new products, resulting from traditional ingredients and recipes.

What makes us unique:

Girau is back with a new logo to tell the story of the authentic land of Sardinia, an ancient history, told with a contemporary twist for a unique identity.

All of Girau’s production is solely made with milk from Sardinian pastures, a special land, which results in a product having exceptional organoleptic qualities.

Since 1958, Girau collects excellent milk from a selected group of Sardinian farmers. It then processes it into high quality products, inspired by the rich dairy tradition of the region.