Fresh cheese and spreads

Fresh cheese and spreads

The range of fresh cheese and spreads of Fattorie Girau is made from the freshest and most genuine Sardinian milk: a concentrate of freshness, delicacy and unrivalled flavours. The products are ideal in the kitchen to create tasty and appetising recipes, to please grown-ups and children alike.

Fresh cheese is almost always soft or runny, and it is produced through a much shorter ageing time than that required for aged cheese. The ageing time is in fact almost always less than 30 days.

Its delicate, yet enveloping and delectable taste, makes fresh cheese and spreads a true delicacy, to be savoured paired with a wide range of ingredients to make mouthwatering and tempting recipes and dishes. Please refer to the nutritional table of each product for precise information on the fat, protein, carbohydrate and calcium content. The Fresh and Spreads category also includes our Fattorie Girau goat’s butter.

One of the indispensable products in your kitchen, tasty and delicate, it is perfect for all your savoury and sweet recipes. You can use it as a creamy spread on biscuits for an Italian-style breakfast or as a cooking ingredient for your recipes.

The butter we’re talking about is produced by centrifuging freshly milked goat’s milk.

Centrifugation is performed at a temperature ranging between 32 and 55 degrees, and is the best way to produce butter, as it makes it easier to dissolve sugars and proteins and separate fats. Light and nutritious, Fattorie Girau’s goat’s milk has unique nutritional properties and is indicated for a balanced diet and well-being. To discover all the other composition data of our products, refer to the nutritional table, which sets out all indicators of energy, fats, fibres, calcium and proteins for 100 grams of product.